Hire and sale of led display screens

What is LED screen?

The LED screen is built with LEDs and consists of modules. Each module, depending on its size, is a certain number of LEDs. With individual modules, any screen can be freely folded, modified in terms of its size, or simply transported.

How to select the LED screen?

Finding the appropriate LED screen is crucial for the quality of the message. Screen size must match:

₋       event venue (sports hall, stadium, closed square, etc.)

₋       type of event,

₋       distance of the screen position from the viewer,

₋       number of people,

₋       season in which the event will take place,

₋       material presented on the screen.

The sunshine, size of the scene, nature of the event - it all matters when selecting a screen.

How do LED screens differ?

LED screens differ primarily in the so-called Pitch or spot. The smaller the pitch, the higher the quality of the image obtained. The second most important difference between the LED display screens is the LED they are made of. Used in the LED screens use SMD or RGB LEDs. Depending on the nature of the event, both first and the other screen may be appropriate.